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my Acnl bedroom ~


Ta daa ! It took me about 3hours but here’s how my house look like at the moment :3 Of course I’ll probably add other stuff down the road and i’m not sure about the mermaid room … and I’m still missing my basement XD 

Halloween themed; upstairs
Cosy cabin; main room
Re-vamped library; back room
Mermaid room; left room
Lovely room; right room

It’s already midnight and I work at 8 tomorrow so I need to be up at 630 .. 😓 So imma head to bed now ! Atleast a big part of it is done :3 Goodnight, Tumblr ! 💤 I’ll try to update my dream address before work if I have the time but otherwise it’d be after work :)


Guess who put up her christmas decorations? 


i love thunderstorms


I love my house ^^


my house is very nautical rn
also still small because I haven’t expanded bc As Mayor I’m putting my money into public works projects


Redid Aki’s upstairs room


gorgeous room with stuff Gracie’s shop which opened not that long


The night sky over Cirice’s Mansion in Whisper

4800 6151 5281 - Whisper


winter nights ◕ ◡ ◕